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Benefits of Selling a Mortgage

Choosing to sell your mortgage investment can achieve a number of important benefits.

While each mortgage holder has a unique set of reasons for selling their mortgage investment, choosing to sell a mortgage can help you achieve a number of important goals. At The Mortgage Buyer, we believe it is our job to help you achieve the benefits you want, when you need them.

John was personal and professional from my initial contact to the final sale of my note. He explained note buying and reinforced certain points of protection for me as the seller. I felt very comfortable in my initial contact after searching online for a note buyer as his web site was direct, clear and understandable. I did review everything John explained and proposed with my own attorney and was advised he was accurate on all counts. John was very thorough and kept me updated as to the process right up to completion. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend John Avenia.

S. Piantedosi, Portland, ME

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